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Thread: Chloromancer soloable?

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    Chloromancer soloable?

    I'm just trying to plant... My feet on the ground. I just want to know if the Cholormancer gets better. I'm PR 8000 and I am just struggling and everything hurts. I have an ice sage who is 7k and it is cake, but I can't stand the kit.

    Im not asking for a rotation, but for those at max power rank do Chloromancers stand out? Or are they in need of a rework? Can they solo Ultra? Can any class? Will I be picked as a Chloromancer to run in a group?

    Any information is appreciated. I made a DT post, but when I click on it it just loops me to a re direct. This will be my last post about a class question.

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    In need of a lot of rework the classs is very underpowered

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    No one really plays Chloromancer in end game, the damage is low.

    It's horrible for farming with and the damage in ST's is a bit behind of SH's damage (and SH's damage is very low as well for ST's).

    Ice Sage is currently strong and great to farm with, I'd recommend playing Ice Sage over Chloromancer.

    Here is a list of class's that do well:
    Pirate Captain
    Ice Sage
    Fae Trickster
    Neon Ninja (for farming not for ST)
    Lunar Lancer (for farming not for ST)
    Shadow Hunter (for farming, is meh for ST but still works but wouldn't recommend SH for ST, it's very weak compared to all other class's listed)
    DT (is okayish, stronger than Chloromancer and Shadow Hunter in terms of damage for ST but you can't use Dino Buddies in ST vs boss's because it steals agro from the tank and they instantly die anyways)

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