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Thread: Modding the Scout Saucer vertically?

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    Modding the Scout Saucer vertically?

    I'm going to make a mod that makes the Scout Saucer look like another spaceship, and I kind of wanted to use the design of the Tristan ship from EVE Online, but obviously much, much, much more scaled down.

    I love the unique shape of it, but I'm concerned that for that exact reason, it wouldn't look very right gliding across the ground, as the lower half of the ship may clip into the ground, assuming the editor even lets me take it that low.

    Maybe I should just make the N-1 Fighter from Star Wars instead.

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    It should be possible to make it properly with more or less compromise. You can make it as tall as you'd like without clipping to the ground but then your character would have to sit at a relatively low position (compared to where it'd sit in the real spaceship).
    Alternatively, you could try it with a different rig, e. g. the griffon one. The player sits quite high on it and it's able to fly. However, it might look a little wonky while riding on the ground.

    Keep experimenting, something will definitely come out of it!
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    You could do a risky move and mess with the attachment point, i do it on my mods sometimes

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