The Cretaceous Captain

Sun Goddess save the Queen! With the growing Pirate menace, the royal fleet has employed some atypical tactics. Namely, they put an archaeologist and his dinosaurs in uniform. Oddly effective, the Cretaceous Captain now roam the seas searching and silencing any Pirate threats.

Replaces Dino Tamer's Dartgun to better match the colors. Replaces the Starter Dino Tamer costume to the Cretaceous Captain. Replaces the Clinician's Cap into a suitable hat to match the costume.

Trovesaurus Link for Download!

The Swordsman Sailor

Ahoy! Are you a savant at swashbuckling, but you don't have a sword-savvy slasher to steal and swipe at your side? Look no further than the Swordsman Sailor, a new face on the open ocean. Think that guns are more practical in dealing with foes? Pah, you're no fun.

This mod replaces the Level 10 Knight Costume with a piratey getup! It additionally replaces the Ancient Dragoncrown with additive headgear, and changes the Chipped Sword slightly to better suit the visual setting.

The Download Link!

The Avian Archer

It's hard to have good eyesight as a pirate. Not only do you have to worry about saltwater infection and sword damage to your eye, but you need to wear those ridiculous eyepatches for intimidation. Since eagles are significantly harder to train, many pirates turn to the trusting force of a parrot.

The last thing a pirate would expect would be for their parrot to overthrow them.
Changes the level 10 Shadow Hunter costume into the Avian Archer costume. Changes the Winter Dragoncrown into the Avian Archer Hat Style. Changes the Pain Paddle Bow Style into the Avian Archer Bow Style.

The Download Link

The Quercus Quartermaster

When all of your friends are out looting and pillaging your opponents, someone needs to stay behind and look after the ship's valuables. Someone also needs to stay behind and keep the ship in shape. Someone also needs to stay on board to distribute cheer and merriment after a successful raid. In many situations, these jobs can be handled by three individuals, but that only applies to people that actually have a full crew and ship. And your captain likes to cut costs. Better start working, huh?

Replaces the Moonwing Dragoncrown and Flameweaver's Wand styles. Changes the Level 20 Chloromancer costume and their abilities.

The Download Link!

None of these mods include UI changes or VFX alterations. Sorry.

A side note

This is my first forum post! I'm hoping to apply more of my mods on here to receive feedback and the like. I was going to make more, but I've lost ambition with this particular project. I've other costumes I want to share on here, though.