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Thread: Can the Dino Tamer solo everything?

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    Can the Dino Tamer solo everything?

    I know he might not be the best DPS on the game, but can I solo well and get into groups or even solo ultra dotm as long as I'm geared properly?

    People keep saying he is useless, but that just makes me want to play him more.

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    The only time its really useless is if get stuck in ult animation so you keep wanting to transform but don't and you can't attack. The ult helps it a bunch but that doesn't happen often in my experience with it
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    Dino tamer is quite pitiful without the ult. and is rather bad when fighting a single enemy that doesn't spawn backup, like DoTM. This is due to the fact that you can have one dino buddy by default, and no easy way to get others, exept for a long cooldown or using the chronomatic emblem.
    The DT setup I use is a combo with the class gem and Chronomatic Quebesly. This cooldown reduction paired with the class gem extended dino time means that you can practically always be in ult form, give or take a few seconds in between. I use chronomatic emblem and arcane/unyielding emblem depending on the situation.

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