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Additional Updates
  • The Crystalline Stave crafted at the Sunseeker's Crystalforge can no longer roll Physical Damage at the Chaos Forge.
  • Crystalline Weapons crafted at the Sunseeker's Crystalforge will now have correct stat allocations.
  • Equipping forged crystalline gear now properly updates the "Equip a Crystalline Weapon" step for the Geode Topside Golden Thread.
  • Crystal gear with 9 or 10 pearls should now deconstruct with pearls returned to the player.
  • Cosmic Gem Boxes correctly drop from chests, and, thus, from cursed skull events.
  • Cosmic Gem Dust can now drop from Gem Booster Boxes.
  • Added a Cosmic Empowered Gem Box recipe to the top of Crystallogy.
  • Further adjusted Light requirements.
  • Minions will now inherit Light stats - this also fixes the Ice Sage's M2 ability.
  • Crystal gear should now show the proper strings when adding an aura in the forge.
  • Crystal rarity is now an option for the minimum auto loot dropdown.
  • Community Chests in the Trove Hub and Geode Hub have been replaced with Personal Chests.
  • The Community Chest can no longer be crafted.
  • Dungeon ruins no longer spawn on top of the landing pad on Geode Topside.
  • Fixed an issue where Neon City quests could appear in Geode Topside worlds.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Shores of the Everdark from spawning Arenas.
  • Minor text fixes for Gemsly's description.
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