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Thread: Dealing no damage (Light)

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    Dealing no damage (Light)

    (Test were done in U10)
    So, here we are after the "Light Penetration damage" Patch...

    I definitely do less damage but... i can't deal any damage if i don't have enough light damage.

    Expectation: Dealing damage if i have at least a few "Light" stats with me.
    Result: I need to be above 3000 of Light damage stats to start dealing damage to mob ( All test were done IN U10 )

    See video:
    All my Dracolyte's Minion (And all minions of other class) deal no damage has seen on video for mine.
    Tested on a broken mob that is literally just a punching bag for the moment.
    (Please if possible, do not fix this mob for now, wait a bit more, so it's easier to test light damage) Wait near release.

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    can you tell me what stuff style are using in the video? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by aradralami View Post
    can you tell me what stuff style are using in the video? thanks
    It shows at 2:06; the style is the Surge Synchronizer.
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