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Thread: [Suggestion] Disable Bomb option for President in Clubs

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Disable Bomb option for President in Clubs

    Is not that hard, just make it RW not RO.
    And /zonerestrict nobody is not a solution.

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    /club setzonedamageable 0

    /club setzonedamageable 1 will turn it back on
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    been asking for that too, sometimes we forget locking zones that we are working on cause we suddenly go do something else and those darn bombs can happen so fast with a little bit of lag

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    I probably should have clarified, but the commands I listed aren't suggestions, they already exist within the game and function the same way as disabling bomb permissions in a specific zone.
    IGN: Zohl
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    Perfect, that was the command i was looking for
    Many thanks

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    Even if it's possible to lock a specific zone to bombing, globally disabling it for the rank should still be possible.
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    I would love to have the option built into the club UI. Bombs, Vanguardian and Dragons are my doom in my own club.

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