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Thread: Gem Boster Boxes

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    Gem Boster Boxes

    So they recently added the option to buy 10x Re-Gemenators. And in the upcoming update they will add the option to buy 10x Trove of Wonders for convenience.

    What about adding the option to buy 10x Gem Booster boxes for Cubits at a time? It takes 3 clicks + waiting for the store to update to buy 1 and 1 box at a time. For us saving our Cubits it's way too time consuming to buy 500 gem booster boxes at this paste.

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    As the Gem booster boxes are the one item that I seem to be spending most of my cubits on this last year, I would really like the ability to buy multiple boxes at once. 10 would be a great help, but I would also ask for larger quantities than 10 if that is possible.

    I don't know if they can just pop up a window like they do with the drag drop function and allow you to enter the number of gem booster boxes that you wanted to purchase.

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    Really, that'd be a nifty option and probably be useful to implement for the whole store. (aside from packs and styles)

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    There's already an option to buy 11 gem booster boxes for the cost of 10 using credits; a 5500 cubit price can be added to that to have 11 for the cost of 11 without needing a separate store pack.
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    Luxion + Store => Control + Buy : How many would you like to buy ?

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