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Thread: Emp. gem 3* RNG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar View Post
    ~1,850 emp/stellar boxes, (17) 3 stat cosmic gems for context. Stars has been out of date since emps no longer roll flat 300 500 700PR, with their stats stuck at 50% so boost RNG wasn't a factor.

    For context, every boost is worth +[0-20] in precise augment cost, so the first three stat rolls %/%/% are half the picture when you still have to roll +[0-20] augment cost three times when you level it, the likelyhood of getting good rolls 6 times in a row isn't worth considering.

    458PR gems 3rd time being leveled only needed 5 additional augments to max leveling to 15, while the best rolls on the 550PR gem took an additional 20 augments, The idea is.. waiting for the best starting point may hinder getting gems you'd likely roll anyway if you didn't wait... especially now that leaderboard rewards will stretch further, leveling to 15 wont be such a big deal on 'not exactly the best' PR gems.

    so does this mean, you can get better stats (boosts) with lower gems=fewer augmending? bcuz this doesnt make for me sence

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    Quote Originally Posted by imightbehere View Post
    so does this mean, you can get better stats (boosts) with lower gems=fewer augmending? bcuz this doesnt make for me sence
    Due to the levels of RNG it could happen, I'll read it left to right

    I leveled the same gems three times on PTS to show multiple outcomes
    458PR - 59, 79, or 48 total augments required after lv 15
    496PR - 51, 69, or 62 total augments required after lv 15
    550PR - 58, 45, or 35 total augments required after lv 15

    If we look at the first 550PR, it only needed 15 augments to max, then at lv 5 it had a +9, then a +15 at lv 10, and a huge +19 at lv 15. Those +'s were low +PR rolls when the boosts happened. Compared to the 3rd 458PR gem it required 43 augments to max at lv 1 but it's rolls at lv 5, 10 and 15 only totaled +4 with great +PR rolls.

    If you limit yourself to only the most highest PR range on a gem before leveling, you may get better than avg rolls when the +PR rolls are great but you could get average gems more often with a slightly larger PR range with good +pr rolls also. my opinion of 'average' gems is 45~47 augments required after lv 15

    This will be more viable with the gem changes, as getting two lv 15 gems required all your leaderboard boosters if done effeciently, but now...

    For more context, here is emp's using boosters on pts on a non-gem day, and with no fixtures or patron (no 30~40% upgrade savings)

    May cost a bunch, but it isnt timegated. Apologies if the dark text is hard to read, the monitor that spreadsheet was on has a much lower contrast ratio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demisedulous View Post
    Clarification: You can't reroll the Light stat on cosmic gems. So if you boost into Light the gem is potentially trash and not endgame viable, depending on how much Light stat we need. There needs to be another way to move boosts if we cannot reroll our gems, this is too RNG heavy otherwise.

    Yeah, actually when they said that it was going to be able to 'Light' on the new gems, I was like "okay it would work as a 4th stat, probably", but well no. It actually do suck a lot, cause its like going back to beginning:

    >Gets an empowered with 3*
    >Gets a boost on CH
    >Can't do anything about it
    >Can't wait to get ****ed over the next week.
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