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Thread: My knee jerk reactions/opinions after an hour and 20 mins of play

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    My knee jerk reactions/opinions after an hour and 20 mins of play

    I LOVE the idea that this update is going for, expanding on geode is great and the whole new gem slots are awesome, but there is just some much wrong here as it stands.

    First and foremost: some apparent bugs
    - Me and many other people cannot progress past the "Equip crystalline weapon" quest
    - for some unknown reason, cosmic gems will occasionally not appear in the loot collector
    - putting a pearl on crystal gear to get the fifth stat still says boosts a random stat, though it does give the extra stat

    Now, onto the parts that just kind of make me angry.

    Crystalline gear:
    Crystal level 1 weapon can be crafted in 5 minutes (and hats and masks are not particularly rare drops) and is better than stellar gear (or about the same, don't quote me on that). If it stays as it is the gear leveling grind will drastically change, and IMO become kind of boring, I don't know what you need to change but something needs to change because you are making all the old gear levels completely irrelevant and completely oversimplifying the power grind. Yes, I realize you need to be 5k pr to get the gear but that doesn't change anything, still waaaaaaay to easy to get IMO.

    this could very well just be a bug, but as it stands this stat does nothing, or at least nothing remotely notable. I think it would be cool if you were required to have a certain light to damage certain monsters (which Is what I originally thought upon reading the patch notes), but right now it is pointless.

    EDIT: I now understand what the light stat does, certain enemies have a sort of "darkness defense" to them that will reduce your damage unless you have a decent light stat. Even still, the difference in damage is pretty much unnoticeable, especially when you get to the higher power ranks. Not to mention you can now go to 32k pr (maybe more), so again, this stat does something but it may as well be nothing. ALSO, when you have light stat on a gem the light stat can get the big bonuses, making the gem useless, which is just infuriating.

    Take this one with a grain of salt cause I have no first-hand experience with this yet, this is coming mostly from friends.
    it's too easy. Many hardcore players are at 25k pr and u10 is 15k??? I have heard many people comparing it to the difficulty of u7. I honestly think it should just be raised to 20k or at least 17.5k, there needs to be some challenge in it, otherwise, it is just another boring and unsatisfying part of the power grind.

    Geode overworld topworld watchamacallit:
    I think it is silly you can't place a cornerstone. I already find it frustrating looking for a cornerstone spot when my inventory is full, now I have to look for an outpost??

    I'd like to start by saying I love the new gems, and I think it was a really good idea to add them, that being said I have a few gripes. First of all, I think there should be a special way to get the empowered cosmic gems because putting them in the empowered gem box is just kind of... boring... I guess. It also makes it even harder to get the stellar for the slot you needed by diluting the loot pool. Second, I love that crystal gear gives cosmic gem dust, but 3000 is a LOT, just makes it a bit too easy IMO (Like the crystal gear :thinking:), maybe reduce it to 2000 or even 1500

    And yeah, that's it.

    Some final stuff/what I would do if I was in Trion's/Gamigo's shoes.

    Make the crystal gear separate from standard gear, like add new slots, or make it so that when in geode topside you HAVE to use crystal gear.

    Make crystal gear harder to get/more interesting.

    Make light do the thing I said previously cause I think it would be really cool.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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    I want the Dev's to know that I also agree with what Matti has brough up. I'm not even at 20k PR and U10 feels to easy so far.

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