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Thread: Please make ST keys loot into something again

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    Please make ST keys loot into something again

    So with the last patch you made it that shadow tower keys dont loot into glim anymore, I understand why and dont even question your decision on that, however as someone who plays an almost insane amount of trove I have an equally insane amount of keys/fragments. Before the patch I looted some keys every week to sell the glim for flux on mp. Now sure, you will tell me to use them as intended to get my flux worth tho i have currently

    - 419 Eclipse keys I use to open all difficulty chests
    - enough fragments for 517 more Eclipse keys
    - enough fragments for 113 Moon keys
    - enough fragments for 1'415 Shadow keys

    So I ask you very kindly to consider another change on the key loot status and make them loot into some differen items like small amounts of flux or st related materials like shadow shards, eyes, tentacles.

    Thank you and have a good day

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    At least remove it from loot collector
    "Collect to earn: nothing"

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    OK if something gives nothing at this point it shouldn't even touch the loot collector. The only place this should go is either use it for intended use or trash can. I'll agree to the removal statement above. Unless its a bug on it being lootable or not giving loot
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    I'm not sure why they do it with keys, cos now contest in hands of owners tons of digsly

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