November 28th 2018
Incident time: 1:15 pm pacific time
Character: Dracolyte
Level: 30
Total Mastery: 344 (trove: 319, geode:25)
Power Rank:13930 (after I equipped the flask)
(Note: earlier that morning I had gone to my Glyph account and had redeemed codes for these mounts;
Salt Sower, Hexflame harrier and Sageosaurus. Also redeemed a code for the magrider, Sanctuary Shuttle.)

Actions leading up to the glitch:
Logged into the game
Retrieved daily rewards while in the Hub
Ran coin collection event
Returned to hub
Opened lesser dragon caches
Checked dragon forge
Checked marketplace for emblems then flasks.
Bought a Vial of Unleashed Power.
Backed out of marketplace.
Went to flasks in collection and noticed I had not recieved it automatically.
Entered inventory and collected the flask.
Entered character sheet and equipped the flask (that's when the flask capacity changed from 8 to 0.)
(Now my flask capacity is only 3 even though my base should be 5 because of the extra flask capacity earned through mastery level. Before learning the new flask, my capacity was 13)
The flask I had equipped before was the Conjurer's Crucible Vial. It has a capacity of 8.

To try and resolve the issue myself I exited the game and rentered.
I also tried going to uber 9 and let my Dracolyte be slain to see if that would reset the flasks.
I tried using the Rejuvenation Station in my house to try and reset it ( refilled the flasks, capacity did not change).
All had been done but there was no change.

Also, all of my characters have been affected and each one has only 3 flask capacity with or without using the Vial of Unleashed power. Switching or re-equipping the old flask or a different one does not change the actual capacity or shown number in capacity of flasks.

If there are any more questions I can answer please ask.
The game is extremely difficult to play without my normal flask capacity, please address the problem quickly.

Many Thanks ^_^/
Gamer name: Twixces