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Thread: Thank you Trove

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    Thank you Trove

    As Fasti and others might remember, I have been somewhat vocal about my opinions on this game's direction since Beta. Setting that aside..

    I went through two years of Surgery to have my Large Intestine removed. Playing this game while in the Hospital honestly helped me get through that a great deal. The colors, lighting, artistic angle and easy going game play made it possible for me to keep myself distracted far better than steaming movies or TV shows.

    I will never forget how helpful that was. This game may not be perfect, but it helped me get through some incredibly difficult times and I hope any Devs that ever worked on this game for the better acknowledge how wonderful what they created truly is. Board Members may have goals, but that aside this is artistically one of the most awe inspiring environments for someone to spend their time in. The animations, humor and many other things in this game are so awesome they honestly deserve more attention then they receive.

    Thank you,

    PS - Also a shout out to the community I interacted with. I may not have contact with many of you still but I remember you fondly and wish you well. Hopefully we will meet again in another digital space.

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    Glad Trove could be there for you, Dusty <3

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