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Thread: they cleaned my account

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    Unhappy they cleaned my account

    Good Morning
    yesterday I went to sleep around 22:00 a.m. (Brasília time)
    and today when I woke up I received that the luxion was in the game
    came in and went out
    and I come across my account
    absolutely nothing
    no items without minerals absolutely nothing
    Suspect of a player named Sharkza1 because he was the only one that contained my password and I already spoke with him and he denies the act

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    If you gave your password willingly to another player and they robbed it, there's nothing Trion/Gamigo can do about it to get your stuff back. There's disclaimers everywhere online about not sharing passwords etc, and that's why. Change your account password so nothing else happens to it. R.I.P.

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    try to contact Customer support, I dont know if they fully transitionned that part of the old company, but submitting a ticket to them is your best option.

    also NEVER give passwords, ever. friends learned that the hard way too in other games or full accounts

    Wishing you the best though
    Praise the sunflower !

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