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    Welcome Diniry-san! :P I look forward to seeing what happens in Trove's future.

    The only thing I can request really right now is one simple thing, that the developers try their best to listen to the community. Before, with Trion, we didn't really have a voice or if we did it was ignored a lot of the time. Hopefully it'll be different now but we'll have to wait and see.

    I look forward to seeing you in game and I'm optimistic for the future.
    "Forgiveness takes more strength than anger." ~Hershel Greene

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    I see that you have same interests as me, that's nice to see
    I hope you will have a great time as Trove CM.

    Btw... Do you have Dev commands in game or you are like standard player?

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    Welcome Diniry!

    Its nice to see this introduce post (Hyped about Fantastic Beast to ) . Waiting for the other cm to introduce
    And ofc can't wait for more info about Creator Program and Trove future updates (how big they gonna be, how often and what they change/add)

    See you in game

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    greetings too
    I wondered, since you started Trove few weeks ago, do you praise the sunflower ?
    Praise the sunflower !

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    Welcome Diniry,

    I'm a bit excited about a new CM. I believe your role is one of the up most importance in the development of a connection with the community, so you can pass on relevant information to the development team.

    I hope to see you around in-game and around discords of the active community. You know, lurking in the shadows at least.

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    Welcome to the Community, Diniry!
    I don't think anyone will have much of a problem with your English. Most of the players I've met in my several years of playing have been really accepting of non-English speakers trying to fit in with the English crowd. I speak a bit of German, so if we ever meet in game and you can't find the right English word, Just use an equivalent German word and I'll understand you.

    I hope that you find our community to be quite lively and fun. There are many Clubs you can take part in who'd be more than thrilled to help catch you up to speed.
    I've been pessimistic about the way the game's been going, but I'm sure that if you work well with the community, despite the content slowdown, the game will be better with you than it was before you joined the fun.

    I sincerely hope you enjoy the game, and that you feel welcomed and accepted by all of us.
    I hope to met you in game at some point. Until then, tschüss.
    An bhfuil sibh abálta ag labhairt as Gaeilge? Táim abálta ag labhairt as é anois.

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    Welcome to the Trove community Diniry, hope you have a great time here.

    As others have said I really hope Gamigo head in a more progressive (if slower) direction from Trion and listen a bit more to the community. Trove is a great game at it's core and has some real potential and I just hope we now have a team/lead Dev who is free to work on that, instead of delivering gimmicky stuff like Geode Phase 1 (the whole mining update) which was a massive departure from what Trove was about and ultimately turned into a dull, frustrating RNG filled mastery grind to kill time before U10 gets released.

    It would also be nice to see the Devs expand on stuff already in the game that they know works and that the players enjoy, rather than adding another new gimmick, only for them abandon it with the next update.

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    Welcome! I sure hope you all can patch up the holes in this sinking ship. I lost so many trove friends during the silent period after the buyout and the ones I've spoken with outside the game are not convinced the new owners are planning to keep us going. Even now that some little information is trickling in it does not look promising.

    I have to force myself to log in these days as my once booming main club is mostly silent now as well. Are you planning to continue updates into the future beyond U10? There's just so little for us to put our faith in now.

    Note: As far as joining some clubs discord or whatever a lot of players really did not like the way it was done before. We basically had some devs playing favorites with info and parties and what not. At least that's how it looked from the outside.

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    Welcome Diniry ! Thank You for your thoughtful introduction <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diniry View Post
    We will see about french ^^ My mother tongue is german so no french from my side, sorry. And I totally can understand that you all miss the previous CMs and It's not easy to just let go people you know for many years. I don't want to replace any of them because that's not my intention why I'm here. My intention of being here is to listen to all your problems you are facing, help you with this as good as I can and of course having much fun with you guys in between. It's still a game where we want to have fun, isn't it
    Welcome, hope you enjoy the community and game.

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