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Thread: Any chance we get Sun and Moon Aura back

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    Question Any chance we get back Sun and Moon Aura

    Hi guys,
    It must be years since this item (sun and moon aura) was available, even on consoles its been a while.
    Any chance you can bring it back? Maybe like the gourdzilla pack for credits in store or throw it into luxions loot table. Would be very nice, cause it gives mastery and alot of players, at least on ps4 missing this item, including myself.
    I remember u guys said once in a stream that u still figure out a way to bring it back but it never happend

    Have a nice day.

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    To add to the pack for $100 (18,500 Credits) or 100$ (60 Credit pouches).

    If someone does not understand why it should be so you need to use the search on the forum and you will find the answer.

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    Ye thats 1 possibility to get it back again but i guess it doesnt matter if we spend credits, real money or dragon coins or whatever, just give us any way to obtain it

    It must be almost 2 years since this was available on consoles, i guess on Pc even more.

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    When the aura came out it was sold as an exclusive item that only came with a special premium pack. Why they retired the pack I will never know. It actually came with some useful items that are still relevant. I suspect we will see that aura included in one of the packs for the next major update. Honestly though, it should have the mastery removed just like they did with Lil'Pup.

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