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Thread: Trove Lag

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    Trove Lag

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this game. But I need some help/

    One thing I noticed is that this game has extreme lag for me. I have great internet connection, but the lags are getting too much out of hand. In bombs royale, I teleport out of the map seconds after the game starts. This makes me "fall" and I fail to get any coins. This wasn't like this before. I used to get to bronze or silver in royale but now because of this strange lag, I always end up last. When trying to fight dungeons, I go inside and suddenly I get ripped through walls and ceilings and end up teleporting to the ground. This feels a lot like bombs royale, but I can't fall in a real map, so I just smash to the ground. I think the game processes everything too slowly. When I move, the game doesn't realize it until a few seconds after, and then glitches start happening. Also, when I'm trying to get to one side of the map to the other, It takes about 10 minutes for it to load. I get stuck in an invisible wall because the it hasn't loaded yet. https://www.minimilitia.mobi/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/

    Is there any way to fix this? When I started the game, I never experienced this. But it's getting a lot worse everyday. I like this game, but I really can't stand all this lag.


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    I do not think you are not the only one who is experiencing this. I am experiencing this recently too. Someone said that it is a part of Trove game. Especially when we have a big event or update, this happens a lot. If your internet connection is ok there is nothing you can do about this. Alternatively you stick to the same world you are in for about 20 min or so then it gets better because not many players are in the world. In other world, if the world become an empty world, the lagging issue reduces a lot. Another tip, type “/debugtext” at chat. You will see “world RTT” at the top left corner of your screen. If this value goes down to 1xx, you feel much smooth in the world without much lagging issue.

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    Outside trove probable issue:
    -Run a speed test: http://www.speedtest.net/
    If you already know what should normally be your Download and your Upload speed. A speedtest could be the right thing to check first. (Turn off your Modem for few minutes to reboot it if it's this is your issue, if same result, read next...)
    -Your Internet provider can also have problem, you have no power on this than changing to an other Internet provider (But this is rarely the issue)
    -You do not Connection lag in other game? Try changing at which server you are connecting by in the Glyph launcher (EU server or US server)

    If all the above is not your problem, then i don't know ._.

    I'm not a Trove staff, just a player that try to help U :P

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