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Thread: Sky gold coins

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    Sky gold coins

    Ive been playing Trove for about 4 months now (PS4) and for the 1st and only time I found this block by random chance during a rampage event. I found a wiki entry on google but nothing too detailed. I was wondering if someone here could explain what this is used for. I assume its something rare because ive since teied looking for another and nothing comes up.I cant find another olayer that knows anything about it either. Thanks in advance for any input on this. https://downloader.vip/ccleaner/ https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/

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    Those are indeed very rare ores, only in Neon City. They have a chance to drop a various number of different coins. They are used to craft Block-Chain blocks, which are literally only aethetic decorations and can be placed in a club world. So it's not really worth keeping (becasue it takes an absurd amount of those coins to craft a single Block-Chain), but you could certainly sell it for a pretty penny.

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    The Dev's added those in during the Heroes update. If you search old threads, I'm sure that you can find one at the time talking about the blocks and how some clubs wasted hundreds of hours of game time and over a million credits only to make a decoration item.

    Personally, I don't put any value into these decoration/crafting material. but you can check the market and see if anyone else is trying to sell them.

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    To excessively rare if you ask me. They are a reference to cryptocurrency.

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