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    Fasti, thanks for posting this letter but it doesn’t seem to address any of our major concerns.

    First off, we already get that Geode and U10 are being worked on. We've been told that prior to the Gamigo acquisition. Telling us it's coming tells us nothing more than that it's easy to keep a skeleton crew behind to roll out a 99% completed project.

    What we need to know is that there is a plan for after that. It's new things that Gamigo is taking on that will set the record straight on whether they plan to keep the game up and running. We want to know that if we invest our time grinding in a game like this, that there is a future to it and that time spent will pay off. We don't necessarily need to know specifics, just that there is a future and we need to know it from them.

    What I feel like should have been in the letter is an explanation to who “The Trove Team” is now. Is this just the remaining Trion staff? People whose future is not certain? Or does this include some Gamigo staff who are dedicated to making this project a long-term success. That is the type of thing that will set our minds at ease.

    Another issue is that last live stream was a massive disappointment for many of us. Having only old Trion people on the stream was a concern. It shows that Gamigo is disinterested in this project. It would have been better to have at least 1 new person on the stream, if nothing more than to just say they are excited to be working on this and contributing in the future.

    This letter just goes to further prove Gamigo has little interest in Trove. We get that the Trove Team is dedicated to the project and has been for years, but where will that team be 3 months from now? Gamigo needs to step up and let us know where they are coming from, so we can all rest assured there is a future.

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    If this is the big official statement mentioned on the livestream I’m more worried than ever. Unless I read the letter wrong you except us to believe that a much smaller team is somehow going to deliver more content at a quicker pace which doesn’t seam possible unless you force them to work extreme hours each week. Very disappointed with this letter offering zero new information.

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    Fixing issues on PC quicker instead of waiting for console approvement is a benefit, PC should never have artificially suffered. Though "Agile development" with a smaller team is obviously going to be putting a positive spin on things when so many people were let go. If you were already dissatisfied that it took over 2 years for u10 to come out, then things likely aren't going to improve on that front.

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    Well atleast we are heading somewhere, Rift, Atlas Reactor, Defiance 2050 still haven't got their Dev team's letter yet only Trove and Archage. I hope we get more info on Friday dev'stream, Last stream was last just 26 minutes so it was a disappointment.

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    Yay I am so excited!!!

    PC will get Phase 2 this month on PTS and then in December and us console players will get Phase 2 in January?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    A key part of this agile development structure will be to decouple the PC and console versions of Trove. We have the ability to quickly roll out features and fixes on the PC then put these updates together for the consoles separately. Console players will still receive all the PC content it’ll just be on different timelines.
    I do remember suggest this months ago.

    pro: pc user will be beta tester for console.

    con: console player gets to know thing beforehand and manipulate the market.

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    Okay, the new thing that we officially know now is that U10 and Geode happens this year (instead of the expected early 2019).

    But this thing aside.... where is Trove going? What is happening? What does Gamigo plan?

    We already know that 'smaller but more regular updates', but to be honest: it sounds like the size of an event or a bug fix each month or each half month with pretty much no content at all. Please tell me that I am missreading this!

    I am really hoping that next live stream will give more background information about Gamigo's long-time plans and an overall content plan for Trove. AND NO SPAGHETTI LIVESTREAM PLEASE!!! Sorry for that rant, but last week was such a disappointing mess when those livestream guys made the chat spam 'Spaghetti

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    Rather than bothering you with a DM, Fasti.
    Any status on the trion creators program? Will this be discontinued or do you have any info regarding that for all of us currently just hanging by a thread, not knowing if we're still part of it and will continue receiving giveaway codes, or will the program even get a "face lift"?

    Hoping on more future proof info regarding Trove and it's development. But to hear U10 is still on board is a good thing.
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    That´s it? Seriously, if that´s all there is to it, I´m not buying Patron again.
    Normaly if a company takes over, they would introdue themselves, explain the cirumstances and give players a feel of what they´re trying to achieve.
    The fact that Gamigo doesn´t seem to care and hasn´t announced anything relevant on this forum is alarming...

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    So this is the eagerly anticipated letter is it? Are you serious? Where is the crusade of people jumping to Trove's defence now? This is a shambles. We were led to believe GAMIGO were submitting this letter to the players, not just a summary of the stream. Which is funny, this is 45 minutes of our lives from Friday in 12 lines of text lmfao. Should save everyone the hassle and forum post livestream content instead.

    I said to Mandros over the weekend that this "letter" had the slimmest chance of winning me round, the livestream had the biggest potential to make me play again and we know how that turned out. This though, this takes the cake. Gamigo don't give a monkeys about the player base. 3 weeks and NO word from anyone from Gamigo, all we have had is a poorly prepared stream that done nothing but showed face. Honestly, I'm surprised they even kept 25 of Trion's staff onboard. Inept from top to bottom. Trove deserved better, not worse, but yet here we are. Sayonara Trove.

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