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    Meet the new Community team!


    First of all, we would like to apologize for the silence lately, there were a few things we needed to figure out before jumping into the conversation. Thank you all so much for your patience!

    Of course, we know that you all have concerns and many questions. We have been silent, but we have been doing a lot of reading during this transition. Letís start with responses for a couple of your biggest questions and concerns.

    What will the future look like for the games?

    We saw many questions asking about the future of these games. Those questions are largely about new content, fixes to existing bugs, and the changes to the Trion staff members. For sure we kept the necessary resources to ensure that there is movement within and around the games.
    Generally speaking, we can tell you that the patch schedule is likely to shift somewhat, but we will make sure that all of you can enjoy new content on a regular basis. Also, the developers will continue providing you with updates through Producer letters, so all of you will have a little look behind the scenes as well.

    Patron Status & Creator Programs

    Patron Status will stay in place and we do not intend to shut it down. However, we are putting the Creator Program on hold for the time being. Effectively managing a program of that size was a huge task and we want to be sure that if we launch the program again down the road it will be a great experience for everyone. Therefore, we will revisit this in the weeks ahead and keep all of you updated on our progress. Thank you for your understanding.

    New languages available soon to support you!

    Something weíre thrilled to announce is that in the coming weeks we are going to implement German and French Customer Support and Community Management. You can contact all of us in English, of course, but we believe that giving you the possibility to express yourselves in your native language is always better. On the same note, we do not rule out adding additional languages down the road.

    Some more surprises are coming, but we donít want to spoil those quite yet! We still want to give you a small hint: communication, support and entertainment are our three main concerns and you can count on some changes and improvements in this direction.

    We are all gamers and we understand how important transparency and open-mindedness are, so please feel free to raise your concerns and suggestions, we will do our best to make this community stronger than ever!

    Long story short: we are happy to be here and if you have any question, feel free to post them as a comment to this thread. Each Community Manager is going to introduce himself/herself on Monday personally. Of course Fasti will stay here too and we are grateful for his help this past weeks, thank you.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!
    Your Trove Community Team

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    Finally and thank you.

    Some suggestions for the future.

    1. The current store packs like the Jam Pack are mostly overpriced junk. I'd suggest:

    Geode Weekly Deal packs to include a Companion Crucible, Golden Companion Egg, Greater Crystal Caches, Lesser Crystal Caches and other things pertinent to Geode. Mix and match of course for a price more in line with the Dragon Weekly Deal. The current Jam Pack is horrid for the price and a lot of players like myself are stuck needing 3 or more rare companions and it's tedious at best to run thru the caves to grab 10+ eggs only to be disappointed upon hatching.

    Lustrous Dragon Deal is horrid as well. Let's get that thing more in line with gems please. Combine the Lustrous Gem Box with things like Lapis Luck Bugs, Ninth Life, Empowered Gem Boxes or other GEM necessary items.

    I'll add more later as I have to get going.

    The idea here is put things that make sense together in packs and make us WANT to buy them. Many of us love this game and want to support it, but lately it's been hard to justify spending money to support the crap we've had to endure.

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    Welcome to the new team

    On trove, i just want a way to fly ( with a restriction) in club world to build. More content end game with high difficulty, just for a reason to get a high power rank.


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    hope for the future, and greetings to the new Community team <3

    That is "the letter" equivalent I expected, thanks for that =)
    Praise the sunflower !

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    Thanks for deciding to separate PC and console patch releases for future development. Never did like that PC patches had to wait for the console certification first so all platforms were in sync. Given they are on separate servers there was never any reason for that. Always made more sense to me to release in separate schedules.

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    Welcome and thank you for this.

    I hope the player community and the new Community Team get along and have a bright future. I hope maybe some lessons could be learned from past experiences about being a bit more open to constructive observation and listening a bit more to what the players would like from the game, instead of giving us another "Geode Phase 1", which completely perplexed a lot of core players for its massive departure from what Trove had been traditionally about.

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    Welcome to the Trove community.

    Just some small questions.

    Who are in this new community team, we would like to know who we are chatting with or ask questions to.

    Are there plans to resume the Trove livestreams.

    Is there a long-term plan for Trove, after geode stage 2 ( U-10 ).

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    Welcome from Ps4 players! I'm excited to hear more about the team on Monday and what plans you have for the future!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrz View Post
    Thanks for deciding to separate PC and console patch releases for future development. Never did like that PC patches had to wait for the console certification first so all platforms were in sync. Given they are on separate servers there was never any reason for that. Always made more sense to me to release in separate schedules.
    Shouldn't be that way though in my opinion, every platform should have the same thing at the same time

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    While I'm still a bit skeptical, I am at least glad Trove is big enough not to just be shut off, never to be seen again. I remember the occasional comment and explanation about problems rolling out patches due to some weird technical specifications Xbox was pushing out there, and it'll be nice to not see content get throttled by Microsoft. I totally don't mind being a test subject to smooth out bugs so other people can have a better experience.

    (I still want the return of tradble/sellable Dragon Coins so I can help newbies build their first awesome mount. Sorry Luxion, I have no interest in you. :P)
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