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    Trove crashes upon startup every single time

    When I click Play on Glyph it loads into the title screen then blacks out, kicks me back to the desktop and then kicks me out "Trove has encountered an error"

    I've disabled my AV and tried it. Nothing. Trove is LITERALLY the only game that is giving me problems.

    I've tried deleting the Trove folder in Roaming. Ran Glyph as admin. Verified cache on steam.

    I'm on Windows 7. https://www.minimilitia.mobi/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/

    Here's my cfg file

    [Display] Fullscreen = true Width = 0 Height = 0 FOV = 75

    [Rendering] DrawDistance = 192

    [RenderQueue] TaskCountDefault = 882 TaskCountReservePct = 100

    [Startup] PlayIntroMovies = -1

    [Audio] MasterVolume = 0.5 VoiceOverVolume = 0.5 GameSoundVolume = 0.5 Background = false

    [Auth] ChannelId = 131 ChannelName = TROVELIVE

    [Paths] IggyPath = ui/ ShaderPath = shadersunified/ ParticlePath = particles/ AudioPath = audio/

    [Particles] Preload0 = Particles/item_bomb_explosion_01.pkfx

    .includeoptional Trove_cn.cfg .includeoptional Trove_dev.cfg .includeoptional Trove_local.cfg


    Layout should be defined as one of the input mapping below, named whatever you want as long as it matches what's set here.
    Layout = InputMappingDefault

    [InputMappingDefault] SwitchInputMode = GamePad_Back EquipCurrentMountMovementType = GamePad_L3 Homeworld = GamePad_DPadUp Inventory = GamePad_DPadUp NavigationMenu = GamePad_Start Map = GamePad_R3 CharacterSheet = GamePad_DPadDown Move_Jump = GamePad_A

    Fish = GamePad_X Flask = GamePad_Y Loot = GamePad_X Ability2 = GamePad_LB Ability1 = GamePad_RB BasicAbility = GamePad_RT PrimaryAbility = GamePad_LT ItemSlot1 = GamePad_DPadLeft ItemSlot2 = GamePad_DPadRight ItemSlot3 = GamePad_Y

    Dodge = GamePad_B Cancel = GamePad_B

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    Can you run a DXDIAG report and look on the Display tab for the date on your graphics driver? Let me know the name of your graphics device and the date on the driver so we can try to eliminate some common causes of issues.

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