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Thread: Hey Trove... been a minute..

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    Hey Trove... been a minute..

    Hello, names Nirosen.

    I recently decided to delve back into some casual play of Trove again after some years of AFK.

    I joined when the game released around June or July of 2015, and started the club "Spirited Away" which used to be a big hit.

    I kinda missed the community and fun of Trove and it would be interesting to see how much the game has changed over three years.

    Feel free to message/add me in game or add me as a friend here on the forums. I would like to meet new people and get back into the swing of things.

    Have fun grinding and with lots of love (for flux),

    My Active Club (Limited Spots): http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...ay-Start-Here!
    IGN: Nirosen

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    I know dev streams have visited this club some past year and even few random pin parties with the club portal phone from people. It is a nice place but right now things might feel little slow due to people having school and trying out new maple story. I'm sure can add more people to the club again to refill if people left. It has nice builds
    ( 'v') <(if under 20 mastery and want class coin) 20/30 ( 'v')<(forum image upload help) ( 'v')<(returning player info) ( 'v')<(if game bug report it and if brakes bad submit ticket) ( 'v')<( trove giveaways occasionally happen here but more frequent in Trovsaurus)

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