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Thread: Next class?

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    Next class?

    Hi, I didn't play Trove at all for like..the last year or something I guess and I wanna main a new class but I'm not really up to date with what's the best rn, also farming chaos cores to craft classes now is ; got none from 25+ ccs. But anyway, that's not the point, I wanna know which should I choose between Revenant and Candy Barb and maybe why.

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    Both are pretty good but the rev atm imo is way better than cb for st (solo) an u9ing, people still want a cb when making groups for ultra but rev is such q power house he is hard to ignore.

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    Given the choice between Rev and CB, I would agree with Rev as the first choice as it can be almost unkillable with the spirit spears. I switched my 22K Rev from 7.5 Million health to just 450K health and I can still tank Ultra DD with it. And its now a great DPS class too.

    They also buffed the Draco. They removed the RNG from the class gem and now you get minions with every Urn. That would be another good all around class.

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    Don't forget they will patch the Rev (i'm assuming the spirit spears exploit) so maybe take that in mind.
    *Disclaimer: Pls don't ask me how to do said exploit is agains the rules to comment on exploits*

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    Rev is amazing. The last week bonus is XP. I leveled up my alt accounts with Rev & Boomer. Rev is so easy to level up due to buffed DPS & built-in life stealing. No class gem is required. I wonder… if my Rev reaches PR 20K, it would become a superman and defeat monsters in a blink of an eye. 3 star bosses and bosses in ST would be no matter at all. (I did not even try to do Rev exploit).

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