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Thread: Magic Find Problems

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    Magic Find Problems

    I currently have 1214 magic find but i have not seen a radiant or stellar drop, is that weird? ive already done 1k+ dungeons in u9

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    I usually really started seeing a small dif after 1600, then 2300 and of course 3k+ drops a lot.

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    1214 is low.

    You will start seeing Stellar drop more often at ~2500MF

    1214MF will get you Radiant & Stellar drop very rarely.

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    I didn't see my first radiant tile 2100 than my first stellar tile 2300

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    Yeah it's still too low. I have every dragon in the game and I don't bother farming unless I've got patron too.

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    Keep in mind that RNG is involved with Magic Find.

    My experience summarized.
    I got my first stellar drop in an ST at 1400 MF a week before I got my first Radiant drop.
    My alt accounts got a Rad at 600 and a stellar at 800 (Also in an ST)
    When I had 2K MF, I could go a week or two without getting a Rad/Stellar drop.
    I really did not notice consistent drops until I got closer to 4K MF.
    With 5K MF, I will get around 9 stellar drops in a 2 hour period doing my ST runs on Monday.

    I forget where I read it, but I have heard that MF drops in ST's are higher than in the open world. they supposedly nerfed the drops in the open world, but left the ST drop rate alone.

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    You mentioned U9 so I thought you should know the Uber does not make any difference for loot drops. Drops are normalized from U1 and up. Only magic find matters. There are slightly better drops in ST because when the drop rates were adjusted down for world drops they did not lower ST. This was in patch notes a long time ago and afaik it was not changed again after that.

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    No doubt it's still too low. I have each mythical serpent in the amusement and I don't try cultivating except if I have supporter as well.
    I install a Game Guardian at thegameguardian.net. This is the best place to download a game.

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