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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 02/11/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    This is the first livestream since Gamigo have gained Trove as one of their assets. The team may not be the usual suspects that you expect and know much but have worked with the company for years.

    Our on screen members tonight were:

    Mr E is one of our designers and was a past producer.
    Tynaut is one of our gameplay engineers and sometimes works on UI stuff.
    Habidakus is one of the server engineers for all the games but for the last 1.5 years on Trove.

    Bearing in mind that many questions could not be answered as it is still early days but there will be a n official letter coming out next week detailing a lot more that can be classed as solid information. The following stream will hopefully be able to discuss those finalised details in more depth and return to the types of streams we are used to so bear with the team.

    A lot of progress has been made on the previously discussed things to do with geode phase 2 such as Uber 10 and gardening and we were informed not to worry about them, they will still be coming out.

    Currently re-evaluating on when and how to release those things.

    Currently in Trove:
    Shadow's eve event is currently still in game but coming to a close soon. Complete the quest chain and earn yourself some daily tokens by doing 3 club type missions based in the hub to unlock a pair of new wings and a howlug themed ally.

    Luxion has returned with more wares and curios including the cobweb carpet mount from the old radiant dayspring. As per usual he has another 15 souls towards the Luxarion dragon available for purchase which will put many players at a count of 95/100, so nearly there!

    Next Luxion visit will return around the Black Friday-Cyber Monday holiday and will have a very exciting collection of items you may have missed from the past, far more exciting than usual apparently. This was said to be a one time thing.

    Turkeytopia,the thanksgiving event will as usual still be coming around and was mentioned it will be similar to all previous ones so no major changes there.

    Double egg event will be coming in the future so any intrepid cave explorers can venture into the tiers of 2-5 and be able to acquire more eggs in the hope of finding those missing companions you might need. It's not a guarantee that you will see 2 eggs but you may encounter more.

    Upcoming hotfix but no date able to be given will include the below:

    Revenant fix to be included in this.
    PR leaderboard display issue
    Loot tables for builders boxes/chests/vaults to be changed so not too much gleamstone for the common loot.
    Mastery balance fix such as flying mounts.

    Future content:
    The team discussed a more holistic approach to releasing content. The analogy used was with regards to trucks and trains. Basically before we were used to having to wait for all things to be finalised for the update and checked via QA before it was released out via "the moving truck". If it wasn't ready, the truck was delayed.

    The team are now going to try work in a different style with regards to upcoming content. Once the content they are dealing with is ready and QA tested and approved, it will be loaded onto the "train" to head out to the servers. If something is not yet ready, no problem, there will be another "train" not too far off.

    This will hopefully allow things to come to the live game in a more timely manner than what we were used to of waiting for 1 big update for everything and go back to more frequent updates.

    Many of us are aware of the team size decreasing and a good number of us players will miss them.The team are still working through the process of things of what can be promised and delivered so please bear with them and the forthcoming letter detailing more information.

    Questions and Answers Session:

    No Q&A this week but it's still early for them so we'll have to wait until the team have ironed out the info that can be answered for future.
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    the legend struck again, TY shiro, sunflowers for you
    Praise the sunflower !

  3.   This is the last Trove Team post in this thread.   #3
    Thanks Shiro!

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    Thanks, legendary as always!!

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    Thank for the clear info Shiro !

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    Thank You so much Shiro!

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    Thanks Shiro!

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    Thanx for the recap, Shirokiri!

    After the stream went offline, there was still Fasti remaining answering a few more questions via twitch chat.

    Refering to that,
    • PTS will still be a thing under Gamigo, so we still will be able to see and test things before they go live.
    • Today there has been only a livestream for Trove. But it is planned to bring back livestreams for other former Trion games, too.
    Other important things have been mentioned by Shirokiri already.

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