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Thread: So there we go. Livestream

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamigoRules View Post
    My thoughts ummm on the uuuuummm live uuummmm stream.
    Uuummmm umm.

    1. It's ok to make notes. Saying ummm 500 times means your winging it. You get paid to do this.
    2. Make a minute by minute topic timeline.
    3. Stop acting like children your adults. Your customers are not kindergarteners..
    4. Don't do the same failed things the guys before you did, learn from their mistakes. Their live streams sucked and your copying them?
    5. First 10 minutes give us the info we want in a professional manner then go play the game.
    6. Getting your chat to spam spaghetti is insulting to people trying to ask you questions. Our time is valuable and were there on your time schedule.
    7. The items you give away and how you have done it is bad. Just pick a item and give 1 to everyone in chat.... or dont.
    8. I really hope you guys figure this out.. as that was pathetic

    Ok info. More smaller updates, great.
    You don't have a smaller team... your team is bigger now just not the same people.

    Please oh please get your act together... the past failed... make things better...
    You get me 4 one more week as a customer.. hope that letter has some mature people writing it..
    As a Rift player I watched this stream with interest and agree with this summary - I understand that the situation with Trion is in transition and i'm sure there's alot to be worked through, however this stream was a exercise in procrastination for 30 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronozilla View Post
    The instant you said this, you forfeited your right to complain, If you can't change your view of the situation in a dynamic fashion and work with it, you can just leave. We have no room for naysayers, if you want to see a change, stop straight complaining and explain how you would want to fix it.

    I for one am happy they rushed out to get trove a livestream to show they're getting close to a new stable development position, Obviously there was some scrambling, these guys aren't used to the camera, and i think the tech guy was a last minute pick aswell, but they made it through the stream with the news they intended to share. Namely a producer letter next week and assurance that U10 was still on track (aswell as other great things like an incoming rev fix and pc getting changed to weekly updates)

    Its okay to show concern and unhappiness concerning a product, infact i encourage it, nobody would know what was wrong with something if it wasn't pointed out, but outright attacking the devs with childish insults and calling them failures, that's just not okay. they're people too, treat them like you would be treated yourself.
    Are you seriously on your high horse? Infact, you even contradict yourself. I'm a naysayer so I should leave, but you "encourage" concern and unhappiness? So I need your ratification to vent? Well I'm concerned and unhappy enough to quit the game and vent my opinion here. Don't like it? Don't read.
    And you're saying IF I care about other people's opinions, I can complain? Last time I checked, MY opinion is WHY I played Trove, because I thought it was a decent game. Other people's opinions mean NOWT because I'm not a snowflake that other people's opinions are the basis of my life because, shock horror, I make up my own mind.
    As for saying how I would fix it, like they would listen anyway? I forgot, Trion always listened to their players right?! They take criticism no matter how harsh (LOL). They don't bury their heads in the sand and ignore the reality - well this is the consequence of the reality - failing games.

    Treat people like I would like to be treat? With utter disdain as that's how the development team treat the players or are you impervious to that fact? They are developing a game. That means they are open to criticism no matter how harsh. So let's say a chef, every plate they send out means they're protected from criticism right? Because they're a person? Your logic is flawed.
    These guys deserve to hear the brutal reality, not sugar coated, or are you one of those brigade too?

    End of the day, least I'm playing other games that are going somewhere unlike Trove. U10 on track? Lmao that made me laugh. U10 being "on track" would be December release. PTS? Where is that? That's on track for sure, right?! You're just being sanctimonious, because you know the people that are naysaying are correct. You can't accept the fact that without players like me, Wrz, and others that pay for patron and whatever decent packs, the game is as good as dead.

    Past failures of the development team, and James in particular, is WHY the game is down the drain. The White Knight that is EXACTLY like Trion (and Gamigo)...can't take people handing out criticism. Starting to think you work for them.

    And, last points - those that say Gamigo wouldn't buy Trion if they didn't want to keep the games alive, the thing is people and businesses make BAD business decisions all the time. Not everything pays off. And turning people off paying for the game is definitely going to bump up the profitability of the games right?! lmao. They've shed the team to match the income of the games. Letting go of 175 staff shows how grossly over staffed the games were for their income. So, updates on track? Think you'll find that with no money = no updates. There's a nice little fact for you all to digest.

    All these MMO's that were in development being absorbed into a company like Gamigo with only 25 staff transferred over to manage the workload and the transition. Sure Gamigo will allocate some of their own staff onto the Trion games teams but it won't match the 200 strong team that was sucking the resource pool dry because of their failure to deliver with Trion. Bombshell.

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