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One of my biggest gripes are that Trove notices are all over the place. Facebook, Twitter, trionworlds.com/trove/en/community, email, and News & Announcements on the forums. I get that they are trying to reach a broad audience, but the problem is the messages are rarely in sync. You literally have to check all 5! places just to know whats going on.
We avoid spamming people with emails by making very specific choices for what info is shared that way. It's rare to see things like livestream announcements there. I handle all the social posts for Trove on Instagram, Twitter, and FB. Plus, forums and Steam (with a bot setup by Trovesaurus pushing Steam announcements onto our subreddit.Generally speaking anything that appears in a blog should get an announcement here and on socials. It may not always happen, but that's definitely my goal.
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