For clubs, the invite mechanism just plain sucks! It's OK for targeting a handful of individuals over a long timeframe but, for volume invites to grow clubs, it sucks.

Solution: A special invite block that can be placed. The block would need a unique texture to identify it is a club invite block. It could permanently be placed in clubs and Cornerstones. It could also be placed in the hub, like an origin portal, and last 5 to 15 minutes before disappearing.

Features of the auto-invite block:

1. The minimum power rank would be set by the club president. This PR would apply to all existing auto-invite blocks created by any club member.

2. When crafting, the auto-invite block would have a space to insert a customized sales pitch for the club. This message could be different for every block, or batch of blocks, and would function just as a sign does now.

If you find a block, you would look at it, read the PR requirement, read the message, and if you have an open club slot and meet the PR requirement, you could instantly join without having to try to find someone that is able to invite you.

Some may not want this for functinality for their clubs so the default PR would be set to 99,999. Only the president would be able to change the PR value in the club menu. Each time a block is read the PR requirement would be imported from the club preference so that any changes would be reflected in real-time.

The PR value would not need to be attached to the blocks, just a pointer reference. The message would function as a sign already does. The block lifetime, if in the hub, could act just like an origin portal. The only things that would need to be new code are the pointer to a new club PR requirement value, the club PR requirement value itself, and the dialog display for the join club function if the current PR is >= the club PR requirement. There would also need to be an IF function to either trigger a countdown code before disappearing in the hub or not trigger one to allow permanence in a cornerstone/club. The blocks would not be allowed to be placed in adventure worlds to reduce complexity.