First of all, THANKS TROVE!
thanks to you i learned to see the beautifulness of the Voxel art
and how beautiful can be voxel characters animated!
has been so much time without publishing here,
it brings me good memories.

I decided to make a VR game with a lot of action and dynamism
so i started to do it using voxels as placeholder, but i realized that being voxel,
I can let the community to support our game in an easy way, like you do Trove!
So we will accept comunity items in our game too [Comunitems] (not yet but we will do soon)
and we would like to have a great community like trove has

the game name is Hyperstacks! (yes, the "!" is included in the name)
and is a Bullet hell game with darksouls melee combat like (wip) and rougelike mechanics,
remember that this game is in VR but we will do a special mode for those ones that havent it yet
here is a little trailer of the playable pre-alpha test version

we are a little team of 4 developers
named SquirrelNest! (the "!" is also included in the name)
and we have web page here, take a look
here you can see hyperstacks
and all info about the game

we have a Discord Server where you can see all updates and developement info

I hope you like!