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Thread: Do stats stay similar when rerolling using chaos sparks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ13 View Post
    Then why would my SH class gem that had MH, MH%, CD, roll into MH, MD, CD?

    Since it was said that If you have MD on a gem you cannot roll PD on the same gem in a different slot.

    However if you don't have PD or MD on a gem you can roll into either one.
    If you happen to have proof of a PD class's class gem with MD on it or vice versa, i'd love to have you share it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Sorry read wrong didnt see that its about class gem and ye you only get pd class gems with pd class's only and md class gems with md class's

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    i'm trying to reroll the %maxhp/flat health into Critical chance, is that possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trovian View Post
    i'm trying to reroll the %maxhp/flat health into Critical chance, is that possible?
    Yes, as long as it does not already have Critical Hit on the gem in another slot.

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