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Ok, so it's been a week since the news broke that Gamigo was buying up Trion and we still have had no updates about the future of Trove. To be honest we've heard nothing from Fasti or Gamigo or anyone of any importance about all this since Fasti's 1st cut and paste announcement.It's a shame we hear nothing yet Khrolan over at the ArcheAge forums made a Team Service Announcement on October 25 giving a few more details and a rough time frame for how things were moving for them.Does the Trove community really mean so little to these people that we should be kept completely in the dark for this long? All this silence is doing nothing to calm players nerves about the future of the game they enjoy.Edit: this was Khorlans post..."Originally Posted by KhrolanAll,Here’s some info about what’s been going on the last few days:In-person meetings are taking place between all administrative parties; transactions of this nature are a lengthy process--and are complicated by the distance--but we continue to move forward. We’re working to reach agreement between all groups by early next week. Identifying a new release date for the 5.0 Relics of Hiram update will be our immediate next priority.We regret that we aren't able to provide more frequent updates. This is due to us wanting to communicate concrete information instead of addressing speculation while mid-negotiations. We’re also aware of the intermittent server availability issues and the operations teams are working to address them. Thanks for reading,-The ArcheAge Team"
I've merged this post back into the ongoing discussion on this topic as it's not necessary to have a new thread for every request for an update. I'm hopeful we'll have a statement to post soon, but don't want to promise a date just yet. Please bear with us.
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