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Thread: Need some Vanguard info/tips

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    Need some Vanguard info/tips

    The wiki seems a little innacurate and there´s a lot of different info out there as to how you should play him.

    Mainly I want to know what´s the dmg multiplier on his attacks in melee and ranged, and if I should stay on melee for max damage or swap to ranged to use 1 from time to time. Also you should spam M2 or just normal attacks?

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    Skill multiplier * ((dmg+bonus)*(1+critdmg)) = result
    (result/dmg) / ((critdmg+bonus)+(1+(bonus*critdmg))) = Skill multiplier

    Skill multipliuer * ((dmg+bonus)*(1+critdmg*critmulti)) = result
    (result/dmg) / (((critdmg*critmulti)+bonus)+(1+(bonus*critdmg*critmulti))) = Skill multiplier

    dmg = PD or MD, Bonus is %DMG

    A is likely what you want, B was for the NNs stage 3 haxstar. I haven't yet made one for C - class%dmg.

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    I'm seeing the correct damage multipliers on Vanguard's wiki. They're the % PD numbers displayed on all the skills. Here is the page.

    As for tips on how to play Vanguard..

    If you're farming U9 on Vanguard have your equipment have x/Attack Speed/y/Move Speed on and play primarily in Melee mode. Vanguard is extremely powerful and the Melee M2 is strong enough to melt any U9 boss. For running from dungeon to dungeon be sure you're using Pyrodisc, Rapt Ally, Trailblazing Emblem, and Vanguard's 1 skill all at once for very fast movement.

    If you're running ST's on Vanguard have your equipment set to x/Attack Speed/y/Crit DMG and play melee mode for the clear and ranged mode for bosses. It is worth noting that Melee mode M1 has more DPS than Ranged mode M1, so if you're comfortable with death defying flask you can eek out more DPS by melee M1'ing ST bosses.

    Vanguard has a few quirks with playing him. Be sure to read the skills! I'll share some of my tips I've learned from Arena PvPing on Vanguard back when he released.

    His Melee Ult (swap to ranged) completely refills your energy. An easy way to unload INSANE damage is to spend your melee energy spamming every melee M2 you can then ulting and immediately spamming ranged M2's til you're empty.

    Ranged 1 boosts your PD by 50%. If you want maximum burst possible activate ranged 1, ult into melee mode, then use melee 1 and unload as many melee m2's as you can.

    You can dance between Melee and Ranged modes using the class gem's cdr. The benefit to doing this is keeping the ranged 1's 50% PD buff active while you use Melee M1's superior DPS.

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    My Van is around 23K PR. when I'm farming with him, I start off with the Eye beams (M2). This normally takes most 1 star bosses down to 1/2 health. I'll 1 if its not on cooldown, and a few melee swings may kill it before I get the next eye beam off.

    To summarize. 3-4 hits and most U9 bosses are dead. Sometimes I dont bother with the melee swings and eye beam twice and its dead.
    Pyrodisk is great on the kill 30 dungeons as it will kill them without my assistance.

    Edit: I forgot to add, I just stay in melee mode and don't use the ranged mode. Mobs die fast enough that its not needed.

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    IMO, VG works like this- and this is *why* it works. Do melee for ST bosses, and bounce out for boss fights that get dirty (looking at you DD@40%/Dotm@3rd form) so you don't die (with a good group you never will, but if you pug, man, that 2 button is a godsend).

    regular ST clearing tbh, melee has more damage, but if you're dealing with guys who specialize in range, mash that 2 button and clear them.

    I can clear any ultra solo except DD, which maybe I could, but I can't see the point of doing it- other ppl want to pound on it too, let them. VG can keep it pretty much pinned using melee for the first 60%, and at that point it's just a beatdown game. OFC there are other classes which might have their 1 button bound to the scroll wheel that do more dmg, but hey, um... pew-pew.

    For u9? stick with range. If it's bigger than you, use m2. If it's not skip or use m1. VG is simple mode. Other than world dragon bosses, everything dies with 2~3 right clicks. Dungeon bosses die with one, but you have to snap it twice because lag might deny the first pew, so you need to pew-pew. 2 pews also takes out normal world bosses, but again, you need to cover for lag and 3x.

    In any case keep the 1 buff up unless you're just running around always in ST, and if you want in PvE. In u9 by 20k there's no good reason beyond it's a *tiny* bit faster. Oh, and speaking of PvE, if you like PvP, don't take VG, that dab is a showstopper. Take anyone else, it's just his gig.

    Having said that, VG is pretty fun. The on the fly swap between melee and ranged is a pretty solid skill. It will always boil down to personal preference, but I really like VG. The damage is solid, he's really well suited for most tasks, and he's fun to play.

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