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Thread: Hourly collection challenge and jumps

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    Hourly collection challenge and jumps

    I'm confused my the handling of jumps in collection challenges.

    At first, I had a ton of jumps (not sure if it matched the chars) during the collection challenges on my PS4 account, but not my PC account. I thought it might be because my PS4 account in a Patron account, but eventually I seemed to get them on my PC account as well.

    Today I seem to be back to 2 jumps. Is this as designed?https://discord.software/ https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/ https://downloader.vip/itunes/

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    They recently removed the +2 jumps acquired from the newest adventurine dragon and the bomber royale dragon from counting inside the hourly challenges. Forever Trion messed things up and were unable to implement anything without oversights or bugs.

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