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    it's sad to see this happen. but i had many tell the going just quit over this an i told what i going to say here just wait we have no clue what will happen give it some time and wait anything could happen it could be good or bad we do not know it still early days its not even been 48hours yet so just sit and just keep playing the game we all love there no need to rush and do something dum when you could be worrying over nothing in end day we here to play game we love and play together so to all just give it some time.

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    Dear Twixler, Dopesheet, Junebug, Atronos, Fasti,

    I am as said before already very sad that a lot of you will have to look for a new job. Over the years your names and faces have been so familiar to us, you were not only the devs and creators, but also became friends to many of us players. Familiar faces on twitch also, and I think that will not be the same. For me Trove is NOT the same without you guys. I do not know what the new owners will plan, but for sure it will be totally different. Also sad about all the other peeps at trion, doesn't matter if they were working at Rift, Defiance and the other Trion games. You are all affected, so I do wish you all a lot of success in finding a new awarding career, where you will be truly appreciated. Thanks for all the work you have done. Keep us informed. We will follow some of u on Twitter etc. It is hard to say goodbye.Best of luck to all of you. Many hugs from the Swift
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNTUP View Post
    I don't know that kind of Company, never heard of it...

    For referance...

    Amongst those games there, I did play Aura Kingdom, Fiesta, Grand Fantasia and Last Chaos.

    The games Aura Kingdom and Last Chaos are fun in its origins, but as more you advance, the more you hit walls till a point that pretty much pushes you into purchase. At the same time there are multiple bugs here and there, exspecially when monsters fallow you, and rather teleport to you than actually walk towards you. Or getting stuck behind a tree and you suddenly recive damage out of nowhere.

    Fiesta is also a simply, but coulorful game where you play in small maps and move via walking from one map to another with warp gates. But here again you have glitches all around, stuff that shouldnt hit you will hit or certain pathes are pretty much impossible for a likelly immortal monster blocking the path to the town where you are told to go via quest. But this game has an interesting card collectible system.... if it wasn't for the fact that you can get those cards only for a few levels really effective and once you levelled above that, you will have a tough time to aquire it with your main character. Or just create a new alt and trade dropped cards to your main....

    Grand Fantasia on the other hand is actually a nice game, where I did not yet run into anything troubling. well, however, I have not been too far into that game to give much info, but it seems to have certain locks, too.

    So what the first three have in common: rather cheap production with client-server asynchronity and a good chunk of cash items. Exspecially cash items. Did I mention Cash items yet? Those exist, too.

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    Pretty damn sad to hear this, kinda sucks to hear a game that has come such a long way since the beginning has been sold to a company that probably won’t be able to sustain the game at all. What’s more upsetting is knowing that some of the main devs won’t be coming over to the other company. So the question comes, how is this game gonna move forward from here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ13 View Post
    I cannot either and I am mastery level 2+


    @Fasti Can you confirm why we can't post on the announcement/News page?

    I can't either and I am well past Mastery level 2. Like 460+ ML and I can't post.

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    MMORPG.com has an official statement article from Gamigo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibita View Post
    It is Gamigo, not Aeria Games.
    They are the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRallykiller View Post
    IDK why, but I can't respond to Fasti's announcement post...

    Which, I should note, seems to actually be a copy'n paste of a pre-fab PR response to the acquisition and layoffs.

    What are the PS4 community's thoughts on this?
    Can you try posting to the news post now? It should work for you now.

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    Who Benefits From the Sale

    So who exactly is it that sold Trion?

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