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Thread: Upgrading Stellar Gear Now Worth It?

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    Upgrading Stellar Gear Now Worth It?

    The Uber-10 update is coming soon, but I only recently started my PC account (finally got a decent computer) and have a PR of 4400. I’ve been working on upgrading stellar gear, but the news of crystal and their inability to be forged from stellar gear was disheartening. It’s great to know that I will be able to get my pearls back, but what about the 10k flux for each star? (I know I won’t get it back but I need at least some benefit :\ )

    I know we don’t know all the facts about the update at this moment, but if anyone has some answers, please tell me.

    So that brings me to this... Is crystal planned to be Uber-10 exclusive, or will it appear in geode from Uber-8+? Will the time I spent upgrading my stellars be well spent if I upgraded them recently?

    Keep in mind that I am around 4400 PR. Thanks https://subwaysurfers.vip/ https://psiphon.vip/ https://hillclimbracing.vip/

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    honestly, flux is not really that much of an issue if you know how to take advantage of the daily bonuses, especially in small amounts like it takes to max out stellar gear, you can earn that back in less than a day easily... and this Shadow's Eve event is a great way to earn a lot of flux.

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