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Thread: Is The Economy Still Broken?

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    Is The Economy Still Broken?

    Haven't really played in like a year since 95% of the updates for over the last 3 years have been non tradeable. Any recent or upcoming updates I missed that actually suggest Trion doesn't hate people with money anymore. (Geode doesn't count. Its non-main gameplay that didn't do anything for money in the game)

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    The Devs and Trion don't control the economy of the game the players control the economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sotilis View Post
    Almost everything valuable you will encounter is surely untradeable.
    I would argue that this game, every resource/drop means flux, you just dont have the "here is free MR" trades anymore.

    Want to "give MR to friends" ? give them spice….Flux ! Flux is Trove's spice !
    Praise the sunflower !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sotilis View Post
    Sorry but this is just utterly stupid and nonsense.
    Mounts coming into game from cc an the actual marketplace with a lot other tradable mounts, wings an material's isn't "controlled by devs" a complete bias answer trying to talk badly by the devs which seemed very childish..

    With the huge flux dupe PC trove had, it really reset the market for better or worst. The player base will say what cost what an what my irl money is worth for credit pouches.

    If you look at the economy for all platform, they're all different prices. Which says the players set prices not the devs.

    "So please before you do make a comment at least think it through carefully because indeed the economy is controlled by" PLAYERS!

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    The economy is controlled by developers and players.

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    In response to the original question, I would say "No, the economy isn't Broken". It may not be what you want it to be, but by definition, it isn't broken. It is a working economy.

    Case in point: I think that Pearls should be at 6K or lower. Pearls got up to 24K as a normal price, and while I am glad to see the pearl price going down, there are other players who have been selling Pearls at 24K asking why is the pearl price tanking. It's a matter of perspective and what you are used to.

    As others have pointed out in response to your second question, Yes, most everything is still untradeable. There are the few Luxion items that are tradeable (Not all are) but all of the new CC items are still untradeable.

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