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Thread: Carries. Why not?

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    Carries. Why not?

    Today (or tomorrow. I'm not good with time) I'll be doing a full Hard st carry for those who need it. Right afterwards will be a few stellar ring giveaways, and a mastery pin opening. If you're interested, add me. My psn is Jayboogy2310, and I'd love to have others come and just celebrate a nice Monday. -note that I can only take up to seven people during a single full carry, but if more need it, I'll run it multiple times. -While it's not required, I would prefer you have a Mic, so that I have people to talk to all the while. -the Pins and giveaway are limited to those who decide to join my Vault club, which is indeed open to everyone regardless of mastery/Level/Age/ Experience.
    https://inro.in/showbox/ https://inro.in/mobdro/ https://inro.in/tutuapp/

    I hope to see at least one or two people with me.

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    Request to change title to "Come boogy with Boogy! (ST Carries)"

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