Hello there,

since yesterday Trove hasn't worked properly on Steam anymore!! Steam wants to update the Glyph launcher, but Windows asks me to prevent to apply this update due to security reasons. I have yet aborted this process.

I have cleared all cache on Steam and on Windows as well as cleaned other sources, but without a success. This issue still persist. I am now re-installing Trove on Steam and so to try it again to launch it. Maybe you could manage to add a Steam option for Trove to be able to "Verify its Game Files" to check for any corrupted and/or missing files etc. I had even completely formatted my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit System a week ago.

Screenshot about this issue in German language:

The re-install of Trove and so of the Glyph Launcher on Steam fixed this problem. Glyph was just updating itself correctly and Trove works like a "charm" again. Have a nice day.