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Thread: Let ME Share My Fb Thought !

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    Let ME Share My Fb Thought !

    Paultje Koster
    19 mins
    You wanne do some farming right
    like some St Shadow tower farming
    You tp there You Disconect lag out
    You logg after it expires back in
    You go to the POrtal Same thing happens
    You log back double the time it takes to logg back in
    Seconds wave Same F n Thing For so long now

    Ticket support says Sorry we dont handle those kinds a isues WTF! @!

    Paultje Koster
    Paultje Koster Coin collect inv ,s Quests for club wanting to farm shadow cashes its what i pay my weekly membership for Give it back to me

    Curse words but ofc not realy cus im friendly and let my *** be takin for free
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    Paultje Koster
    Paultje Koster I know a kid who,s 13 years old playing this game He,.s Angry and becoming evil becus of trove i can see it in his eyes He cursing he Angry he,s asking WHy !? im like well its just a cheap game that just wants take ya money and tells ya f off He askin me But what about the relaxing music ?! I say its A trap and its all Bs Why you play it Blood ? Cus i like to take it up Deep into my rear end little m8

    I Log Back IN Caus i callmed down Just to be stuck at the log in screen FKIN Hell

    Give me My GOd Damn MOney BAck You Ditch Diggin for gold Wtf Are you thinkin !
    Im paying for EVEry Week And you Destroy 1 day ? The day we are waiting for ?
    Then that contract it over ! Is it in the contract that we are just Fked ? Left Winged Bs

    Lets Go !

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    Please in me 2Q3QKD2HEHLZE7H376DW

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