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    Have you taken the ability to fly into serious consideration? Your livestreams have shown your perference for uninhibited movement, by unlimited jumps or a free-floating camera. I'd like to see the button mashing related to jump removed.

    Fly - re-use gliding animation(s), dive-bomb, may require a replacement for the stall animation. Same turn radius, really just being able to glide upward without lift blocks.

    It would solve... lift block vfx lag in dino biomes, general lift block problems with stressed server latency*, button mashing.

    *I made a water lift next to my air lift, because a boat worked better in busy worlds, in my cornerstone.

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    The Dino Tamers Ultimate excels at radiant dungeons in air worlds but why doesn't it transfer to harvesting? I noticed the Gunslingers ultimate will gather (some) sunlight bulbs near where the shot lands but the Dino Tamers ult won't harvest anything that isn't a direct shot.

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    will geode mounts have any benefits on the geode surface like faster moving/flying speed.

    Can the Bovine Buildmaster & Rocket Drill be updated to give geode mastery Like every other geode mount?

    And will there ever be another Inventory and personal chest sale last one I could find was from 2016

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    i only have one question, can the dev team let the community help the french translations of the game ?
    you can find the errors that we found on this thread :
    it gives a bad and missleading impression of trove to the french community of trove.. lots of new players just quit the game because of this...

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    I got a good one; Why is the new Jump Starter available in game and on NA PSN store but not on the EU PSN store a day later? I want to give you my money but I can't because of this -.-

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    1. Why clubs with the same people are in the top of the clubs power rank leaderbord? Make PR count only in primary club. Also make to count only the strongest class. Without this, it is difficult to track the real Club PR.

    2. Why did you stop the Trove translation on Crowdin?

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    My worries and wishes

    Ok, sorry for the bombardment of questions, I have a lot that were saved up.

    Could you possible add trophies for the world boss dragons (candoria, pirate, and deep sea)?

    Can you fix the Jurassic Jungle dungeons spawning out of biome and underground?

    Can you add recipe lairs to the Luminopolis subbiome, I never see them in there, and it would be a great way to get more of those recipes back into circulation on the marketplace.

    Can you add more Jurassic Jungle recipes please, there are only 13 in the game.

    Can you tell us about the Shadow's Eve tokens that we saw in the files?

    Can you make the Shadow's Eve hub permanently night? For spooky effects?

    Can you make it only possible for club members to access shadow tower portal bases to prevent trolling?

    For the U10 update, I've noticed many clubs have a roof over their club (Radiant Eclipse, Black Lodge, etc.) and would like to request, for the update to include a sun lamp or something to count as light for these plants to grow properly?

    Can you please add an option in the club UI to be able to accept quests for a club if you are in the club? For example, say Ol' Boothilda is in my club, and i want to fish in some chocolate and she has the fish up 10 Mint Choctacoises, and I don't want to travel to my club world, risk a lost connection and a crash and lose my world, I could just open up the club menu, hover over her, and accept the quest, fish up the fish she wants, then get the adventurine and club xp as an award.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XpurepkingX View Post
    I got a good one; Why is the new Jump Starter available in game and on NA PSN store but not on the EU PSN store a day later? I want to give you my money but I can't because of this -.-

    i guess there was a glitch where you got the upcoming Shadow's Eve Tomb Raiser costume with it.

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    My questions for this week:
    What's the attack speed and movement speed cap after u10? attack speed cap is now 300%
    When you are going to add U10 5 stars dungeons are you consider increasing radius of drop rate, and max ammount people that will get drop ? now is 8 but we can get even more with new 5 star dungeons

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    When is Trove 2 coming out?

    Will Trove be moving completely to a new engine like unreal engine 4?

    What will be the power rank requirement for uber 10?

    Can we finally get more fish, acid fishing, cave milk fishing and just extra fishes for every biome?

    Will store costumes go on discount this year?

    Can we get a fix for Bovine Builder mount? He needs to be able to build with all blocks, it can only build with primal blocks and glass, he cant place mimic blocks and such

    Can we disable builder mode while we're in shadow towers?

    Can we get a command to see all the blocked players in the club? and when someone is being blocked, can it be written in the club log aswell?

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