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Thread: Upcoming update questions.

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    Upcoming update questions.

    How much do you think pearls will cost post update?

    How much do you think Stella souls will cost post update?

    Do you think Stella level 5 rings will fall in price?

    What other things are you expecting to rise or fall in price post update?UC browser SHAREit MX player

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    1. 0.00 I currently have 100s. This is a joke that they are making stellar turn to pearls. It to shut us up about stellar becoming out dated. Just shuts the complainers up....
    Crystal gear having pearls is just so you feel your stellar had value.
    2. 0.00 everyone is about to loot so many.....
    3. Go up. People will change classes and need more rings
    Pow way up
    St boss mounts way up
    All u9 below resources way way down do to gardening

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