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    No Input

    Recently any time I've tried to open up trove my monitor says out of range/no input. This is the only game that has this problem and the only way i can fix it is when i alt tab then the game crashes. Can anyone help?

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    On my Windows 10 desktop, I see the same issue with the game crashes when alt-tabbing from trove. That does not occur on my other desktops/laptops not running Windows 10. (It's not a bug, it's a "Feature")

    Question: what video card/driver are you using? from your description, it sounds like the video card isn't sending a signal to the monitor, or the card is using a mode unsupported by the monitor.

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    In general, this error pops up when the game's resolution is set to something other than the resolution of your Windows Desktop.

    Try using these steps
    to revert Trove to default settings then make sure the game's resolution match the PC default resolution.

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