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Greetings friends,I set up the Season Two Bomber Royale rewards and fear not; Season One rewards will still be available in Season Two using the following methods:
  • Season Two Coins can be used to purchase Season One Coins at a 2:1 rate which can then be used as normal, including to purchase the Season One Bomber Royale Coin Tome.
  • The Season One rewards will still be available at the same price using Season One coins as they are now.
  • Some of the Season One rewards (namely the Golden Twin Plague Dragon Egg and the 4 Season One Auras) are available rarely in the Season Two Boombox.
  • The original PVP rewards, the banner pieces, and the Bomber Royale Portal are available for Season Two coins at the same cost as they were for Season One coins.
Thanks for the constructive feedback!
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