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    Too many Problem in my game with autofishing Botbomber and more ....

    im sorry , i love my game TROVE
    dont take this share for trash or badshare

    i see too many multibox or accompt follower other
    people play with 8 or maybe more more more + fishing(bot)

    just now i go for party relax in bomber and WTF 0.0 whats i see
    10 bot afk with similary name suspect and similary club

    play with multi-accompte uuuum why not with tp or invite
    see that in game its SAD

    fishingbot ... maybe dev need to see/search people with too many glim collected

    and people use TP in world , in ST and
    everybody actif player in game have listening to people cheated/use speedhack or maybe more

    !!! ME I PLAY LEGIT !!! never use autoclic or other bad program creat for bad player
    i love my game and this population/people break game for little starter player
    and its not good for heart of real player

    too many friend +400mr ragequit for this and other system in my trove
    I wish share this with you ... because im sad day after day
    i lose all my friend/player step by step

    i dont use name here or club name , its not my work
    report !? For ? where ?

    !! I know a game after being polluted by multi count and bot.
    they create similar game for mono-account and today ....
    this game and finished, broken, dirty by bad player

    i love TROVE , please don't break my game

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    Yeah, devs should add an Anti-Cheat Program, which should have been added long ago. I have even seen some people with "reputation" using Speed Hacks on Geode.
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    Submit a ticket to report players for violating the terms of use. Be sure to include character names, what you saw happening, screenshots or video, and any other details that will help the investigation.

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    Anti-Cheat software should be added long time ago. Single or multiple report tickets will not solve the problems, because hundreds of players are using scripts/bots etc.

    My experience with Support Team is good I'd say. In-game or technical problems are solved fast, but I don't write a report ticket, I just stopped doing that. Reported player is still able to play Trove after a days/weeks, so it's not worth for me to write a detailed ticket, that will be solved, but the player will not be punished. Punishment for 3rd party software, botting or flux selling are permanent, right?

    Maybe future will change something, we will see.

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