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Thread: Can we real talk fasti?

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    Can we real talk fasti?

    Now I'm not bashing anyone or the devs but the ps4 NEEDS some love before we get this big update!

    You mostly have not seen anyone talk about this issues we have because we're just use to it now but PS4 IS STILL BROKEN!! we still get graphics issues, our invites are at the state it was before we nearly half the people are saying their invites are broken join through club. Monday is such a chores to go searching through club names when we have 750 members lol

    Our popular club portals at hub is still not showing anything, when entering the atlas it still suuuper laggy. People crash when placing new teraform(sorry if spelt wrong) also anytime you are able to send an invite people freeze up on the loading screen and have to reset anyways.

    We have been dealing with these issues for 5 months now :c when is it our turn for you guys to finish fixing ps4, I'm not some nooby nobody that's complaining.. I'm a leader of a top 10 club an top 100 mastery. I'm loyal to this game an it's really a slap in the face we're getting pushed aside ever since you guys said you fixed ps4 which wasn't the case within the first week of the patch.

    We need some TLC before this u10 update or ps4 will be even more so broken an idk if I can accept a "Care package" of 1 empowered gem box, 1 lust box and 3 gem booster boxes.

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    So many things don't work on ps4.
    I like Joe am a top 100 mastery and president of a top 5 club.
    Members complain all the time about the things Joe has stated.

    The fact that our delete and open all button are the same button tells me everything I need to know about how much Trion cares about ps4.

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