The following chart is based off that you are playing 4 hours a day on week days, on these 4 hours you may recieve a collection challenge twice a rampage challenge once and a biome challenge once, the biome challenge I'm just going to assume you will only do the first 2 because who does all 4 levels of that thing. The weekends I'm going to assume you play 6 hours a day with a collection challenge every 2 hours and either a rampage or a biome challenge every hours in between. SO based off of that 3 collection challenges and lets say 2 biome challenges and 1 rampage (this is based off of just being really lucky and not getting any rampage challenges). Also this chart is based off of NOT having the dragon tomes but if you do have them than you can just add that many dragon coins to the amount. I will be counting each lesser dragon cache as 2 dragon coins, even though it is probably worth more I'm just going to be doing that so deal with it.


4* Days Week Days (Not including Dragon Day)
- You will be playing 4 hours a day getting 2 collection challenges and 1 biome challenge. The daily bonus for each of these four days is 5 coins so 20 coins in total, 4 times the 4 coins a day you get from the 2 collection challenges a day equals 16 dragon coins. 1 Biome challenge a day getting to level 2 will give you 1 dragon coin and then a lesser dragon cache so that times four is 4 Dragon Coins and 4 Caches, back to the collection challenges amount of caches is 16 caches equivalent to the amount of straight up Dragon coins you recieve.

*20 Coins(Daily) + 16 Coins(Collection) + 16 Caches(Collection) + 4 Coins(Biome) + 4 Caches(Biome)

*Mon., Tue., Wed., Thurs = 40 Dragon Coins + 20 Caches
*80 Dragon Coins Total

-Friday (Patron Pass btw) Dragon Day
4 Hrs and 2 collection challenges 1 biome challenge you get 15 daily coins and then 12 total from the collection challenge 12 caches from the collection challenge you get 3 coins and 3 caches from the one biome.

*Friday = 15 Coins(Daily) + 12 Coins(Collection) + 12 Caches(Collection) + 3 Coins(Biome) + 3 Caches(Biome)
*30 Coins + 15 Caches
*60 Dragon Coins

2 Days 6 hrs 3 collection challenges 2 biome (a day) so total would be 6 collection challenges 4 biomes so daily = 10 then from 6 collection challenges 12 Coins and 12 Caches and the four biomes if 4 coins and 4 caches
*10 Coins(Daily) + 12 Coins(Collection) + 12 Caches(Collection) + 4 Coins(Biome) + 4 Caches(Biome)
-26 Coins + 16 Caches
* 58 Dragon Coins

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK = 198 Dragon Coins (Probably more I just lowballed the caches)

* Thanks for looking at my post if I did any of the math wrong please tell me