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Thread: multiplatform

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    Cool multiplatform

    have not thought about being able to make trove is multiplatform the truth is that I have friends who have xbox and others who play on the PC because they do not have xbox and then there are some games that thanks to some games are multiplatform because we can play what I'm going to not make this thread longer is that they have not considered making the trove multiplatform would be a great idea to be able to make the biggest community among those of PC and consoles either xbox or playstation but it would be something amazing that that could happen in some moment

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    I can see the crashes an everything broke now

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    When I think that they will come to multiplatform games. You are right many games donít intersect on platforms, they are forced to buy the same console as friends. I would like League of Legends port to the console, since I have been playing for a long time and I have a league smurfs league smurfs. But lately I have been playing a lot on PS4. And it would be much more convenient if the games could be played together on different platforms!

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