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Thread: Geode Caves Exploding Plants don't Explode Occasionally

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    Geode Caves Exploding Plants don't Explode Occasionally

    Time: Friday, October 8th, 6 PM PST
    Context: I activated an exploding plant with my grappling hook inside a Geode Cave.
    Expected: I expected it to explode and destroy blocks surrounding it.
    Observed: Instead, it appeared to die and caused no damage to me or the terrain.
    Repro Steps:
    1. Go into a Geodian Cave
    2. Activate exploding plants with your grappling hook until one "bugs" out. (not consistent)
    3. Listen as the plant makes a death sound and doesn't damage surrounding terrain.

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    I've seen this happen as well, and it's not because of the grappling hook. It feels as if a cave that has already been explored has a higher chance of activating this bug. Almost as if the plant had an error when respawning or being loaded and doesn't register that it's meant to explode again. It's quite an aggravating bug, I have to say.

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