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Thread: I can't do any damage.

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    I can't do any damage.

    I started playing Trove in 2014 but stopped for awhile. I've gotten back on now and have been playing quite a bit but I noticed I don't do any damage in uber-6 and up. My PR is 3428. I decided to buy a stellar bow because I figured maybe my shadow bow isn't enough. It had 1,900 more damage than my current bow so I bought it. I still can't do any damage to enemys. It just doesn't take off hit points. Any help would be great.Tutuapp 9apps showbox

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    Make sure you're in the uber for your level NOT your Pr, most likely you need to keep in a lower uber an get that Uber's best gems to move up. You're going to be looking for gems with physical damage on it!

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    You need to get better damage stats, don't use PR number entry as way to think your character is ready. It only means you can enter U6 doesn't mean you can do dungeons in U6 solo.

    Get more Critical Hit and Critical Damage and overall more damage.

    Make sure you use Martial or Arcane emblem (depends on what class u play if magic of physical) on your flasks, you could also use Surestrike to get you 20% critical hit buff.

    But yeah basically farm gems to get stronger and lvl up to be able to use more gem slots.

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