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    Bomber Royale Seasons Feedback

    As they mentioned in latest livestream (the geode surface one), the bomb royale will have seasons, and the current one will end as soon as u10 update hits.

    The problem with this system: you cannot use the previous season bomber coins to purchase the new season items NOR you can get the old coins by playing bomber royale once it transitions.Nox Showbox Mobdro

    Basically for newbies, this will seal the ability to get the coins, since they can't get the initial amount needed to buy the tome. This also means you the twin-headed dragon (as the next two dragons and next ones after) would be soft-locked behind an end date once the season transition, with few exceptions of the market and/or coins produced by the already existing tomes. Simply put, they'll lose out on mastery.

    How is this fair?

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    Hate to say it but, welcome to trove. What about packs locked behind real life money? Or packs that only come once a year. At least you can buy everything off of market before the new reason. Remember only half the stuff in the current shop doesn't give mastery! If you don't have the dragon yet you NEED to get grinding before it's to late.

    What they could do is give us more of a warning before a season ends, than people can panic an grind lol

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    There will be a solution for it do not worry. Probably they will make everything to be obtainable with seasons 2 coins, they just do not want people to stockpile items before the update is released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gikaki View Post
    There will be a solution for it do not worry. Probably they will make everything to be obtainable with seasons 2 coins, they just do not want people to stockpile items before the update is released.
    this, common sense
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    I've edited the title of the thread in the OP to be less toxic. Please do better in the future. Your feedback is valuable, but framing it as you have, with that title, undercuts the points you're trying to make.

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    They just have to let Season 2 coins be able to be used on Season 1 items.

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    trion forcing people to play to advance, how unlikely!

    i like how they went with saying that" if you don't like it, then don't play "it in the start, kinda forced to if we wanna progress with the mastery ain't we?

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    I have some kind of faith that season 1 BR items will still be able to be obtainable.
    The reasons behind season 2 coins seem fair, but (as mentioned the side effects don't.)
    Obviously there are many games that have many 'unobtainable items'.
    Hopefully there's a solution we haven't been told.
    (Perhaps when season 3 arrives, season 1 and 2 coins are merged. IDK.)

    Let's hope common sense will prevail.
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    It would definitely make the most sense to let season 2 coins be used to buy season 1 items. Otherwise, all that will happen is people will complain that the old items are unobtainable and so they're missing mastery, then the devs will be forced to put the items on Luxion anyway. Honestly, it's happened enough times now that you'd think they'd know not to make mastery items unobtainable, and I think they ought to learn from the past.
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    Greetings friends,

    I set up the Season Two Bomber Royale rewards and fear not; Season One rewards will still be available in Season Two using the following methods:
    • Season Two Coins can be used to purchase Season One Coins at a 2:1 rate which can then be used as normal, including to purchase the Season One Bomber Royale Coin Tome.
    • The Season One rewards will still be available at the same price using Season One coins as they are now.
    • Some of the Season One rewards (namely the Golden Twin Plague Dragon Egg and the 4 Season One Auras) are available rarely in the Season Two Boombox.
    • The original PVP rewards, the banner pieces, and the Bomber Royale Portal are available for Season Two coins at the same cost as they were for Season One coins.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback!
    Trove loves you just the way you are.

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